FÄUSTINO II. BODY S 1:1 / BODY S 1:50 / BODY S 1:100 / BODY S 1:2000




this proposal focuses on the work I am developing around the history of my body. body as "place from which the word, thought and consciousness of our selves emerge" like cristóbal pera says.

we can pose it that way: I work and as a result of this work, I do "things." then occasionally I gather all these "things", and put them together to share them with whom is up to.

there’s an interest in this “sweet” of experimenting on ways to share these "things", therefore, there are different materials within the proposal that require different kinds of relation, from the closeness of sharing a meal, to the distance of relating to an object, passing through the experience of a show.


This SWEET is articulated at two levels:

1-  There will be different work materials that requires an exhibition environment to be shared.
From 9th to 14th and 16th to 21st October, open exhibition from 13 to 19h every day in la porta_casa.

2- Another work materials are presented as public Experiences:



   body scale 1:50                      body scale 1:100                      body scale 1:2000   


body scale 1:50 (action previosly presented at Sweet Benéfic program,  2010)
friday 12th October, 12pm.

body scale 1:100 (action previosly presented at Sweet #3, February 2012):
sunday 14th October, 12pm.
must call for reservation until the day before due to space limitations.
phone 600523638

body scale 1: 2000 (action previosly presented at Festival NEO, May 2012):
saturday 20th October, 12pm.
a tour around the city, so should take one's own vehicle in order to follow it.
call 600523638

tuesday 16th and thursday 18th October  at 12pm at "la porta_casa".
go to market, buy, cook and eat together.
must call for reservation until the day before due to space limitations.
phone 600523638

October from 9th to 14th and from 16th to 21th
Open exhibition 1-7 pm every day.
See SWEET description to check the complete timetable for public performances.
Book in advance is required.  Please, call to the following number +34 600523638

La Porta__casa
(C/ Sant Germà, 5 - 3º)

  Creation: Sergi Fäustino