Experiencias con un desconocido

Bondage & Disciplina. Dominación/Sumisión o simular que somos malos (catalunia, 2007)

 … woman encapsulated in an athletic body / a connection with the little things / chemical solutions / the girl in the movie / elegant go-go / regional product tasting / I'll carry your shopping bags …

Sònia Gómez will give a conference-performance and throughout the festival she will perform a series of interventions to present (tupperware-like) the catalogue of practices that make up her project Experiencias con un desconocido (Experiences with a stranger), a personal and individual performance that the artist offers to those who wants to share with her one of the real experiences she suggests. The 7 experiences in her catalogue are somewhat inspired by some of the elements used in bondage, discipline, domination and submission techniques. The public presentation will be complemented by access to her web page where interested parties can obtain the catalogue and contract the service: www.soniagomez.com