Estoy en misa, vuelvo enseguida (gone to mass, I'll be right back)

Cie L'Alakran

We have a problem because we are in the vibration of power and fear.

This vibration reduces your vision.
Changing vision means to come back to pleasure.
The pleasure of creation is the power of transformation.

Let us be animists, let us believe in the soul, let us become animists of reality.

Oskar Gómez Mata puts an odd little sign on the door of his show- Absent: gone to mass, I'll be right back. And suddenly, just there, metaphysics convened: we are going to talk about the soul here. The soul of men and of objects too. At the beginning of the evening, animism and trembling. But not at all seen from a religious perspective, as L'Alakran company questions our received myths and ideas at such an extreme that they laugh at them. One could say this theatre, with its digressions and extravagances, leads to a dispossession of itself; using humour to lead us to establish a new pact with the stage, for a moment. The time to ask oneself, for instance: From trying so hard to keep up appearances for so long, shall we finally lose our soul?

Michèle Pralong


Coproduction: Cie. L'Alakran, Le Grü/Théâtre du Grütli/Geneva, Festival de La Cité/Lausanne, Centre Pompidou/Les Spectacles vivants/Paris, Bonlieu Scène nationale, Annecy, Festival Mapa/Cataluña, Arsenic/Lausanne, Gessnerallee/Zurich.
L'Alakran Company receives support from the Republic and Canton of Geneva and from the Department of Culture of the City of Geneva. It also receives tour support from Pro Helvetia - Fondation suisse pour la culture, and from CORODIS, Comission romande de distribution de spectacles.

March 26th and  27th, 21.30h
Mercat de les Flors, Sala MAC

Length: 1h 25min

Direction and conception: Oskar Gómez Mata / L'Alakran Company
Texts: Oskar Gómez Mata and Antón Reixa
Actors: Michèle Gurtner, Nicolas Leresche, Esperanza López, Olga Onrubia, Valerio Scamuffa
Direction assistant: Muriel Imbach
Lighting: Daniel Demont
Technical and lights control: Loïc Rivoalan
Sound Design: Andrés García
Sound Control: Christophe Bollondi
Costumes: Isa Boucharlat
Stage device: Claire Peverelli and Oskar Gómez Mata
Artistic collaborations: Delphine Rosay and Alexandre Joly
Production: Barbara Giongo
Administration: Sylvette Riom