Espacio triple sonoro para una sustancia física inconcreta

sound installation

This project is in its initial stages and emerged from a three-week residence at El Hueco in the Canary Islands; outlines to be explored, invisible subjects, things that tend to go unnoticed. 

Basic notes:  Sound recordings of everyday life are used; they are never prepared in advance and are always recorded spontaneously.  An opportunity to show things that are present but rarely noticed, precisely because they are so familiar and near, generating a journey through normal, everyday things.  For the moment, the aim is to organise a space that is not very clear and dislocates these sounds, prompting the possibility of creating other relationships.  A search for sound materiality that is able to generate formal and semantic associations.

Where is the body?  A question that occurs to me is how to show a physical idea that I believe in without tripping over my own feet.  The idea is to create a sound installation as a physical reading space, a place from which to approach certain dance pieces that don't ask what, but how and from where the body is transformed into language that escapes. As it tends towards disappearing, my body, in this case, acts as a mediator and questions the role of the audience by becoming a spectator of the action and the idea it represents. 

For this first time, I need an audience/body, to become part of this audio-physical primary space.

A project by Masu Fajardo.