Es tarde para lo lento


I have the feeling of always being influenced by someone, by the look of something external.

I do not know how far I choose what I like.

This process is based on a selection of music, movement and text. A kind of memory, sometimes real and other fictional, of the adolescence, the time of life when you begin to care what the others think.

Movement between personal and alien things.

Being a foreigner in my own body: to do something that in principle I can not do. To learn others' movements.

Ownership, in an unsuccessful attempt to distance myself. The more I get from outside the more I recognize myself in what I chose.

Music: Rock with you - Michael Jackson/Franky Knucles remix, Move your body - Marshall Jefferson/Jeff Mills remix, Bar a thym - Kerri Chandler, Acid tracks - Phuture, This world today - Earth wind & fire, Bailando - Paradisio, Hablaré catalán - María Rivas, Territory - Sepultura, Amar es algo mas - José Luis  Rodríguez "El Puma", Blood sugar sex magic - Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Smell Like teen spirit - Nirvana 

Physical material: Patricia Caballero, Javier Vaquero, Oscar Dasí, Sergi Fäustino, Bea Fernández

Artistic coaching: Bea Fernández

Thanks to: Sebastián, Sergi Fäustino, Oscar Dasí, Patricia Caballero, Javier Vaquero, Javi 'palmero' and Carmelo Salazar.