en un lugar de la mancha


The elements have to be porous to be stained, to be affected, to be loved. In a place of the stain, the capacity to be affected is a virtue. An opportunity to show that we are here, that it can happen, that is vital to do it. To stain is a belief. We believe in the pleasure of the stain.

Perceiving the color is penetrating the territory of Orma.

Tariré Oh Tariré
Let Orma stain your skin

Orma, spread your color
We are porous, stain us
Oh! Stain you give me pleasure
Affect me, stain me!

Tariré Oh Tariré
Let Orma stain your skin

♦ You can follow this show on 12th of March in streaming in TV-TRON.

12th of March, 20h
CCCB, Hall

Length: 30 min

Concept and creation: Orma
Interprets: Oso and Casiopea
Celebrant: Néboa
Médium: Popper
Commissioned by La Porta for the context of LP'11