El trabajo de artista (The Artist's Work)

El trabajo de artista - Teo Baró
El trabajo de artista - Teo Baró

A series of actions designed to question the figure of the artist and the kind of work they carry out. 

             Action No. 1: Sticking your tongue out.

             Action No. 2: Taking a decision.

             Action No. 3: Counting money.

             Action No. 4: Masturbating.

             Action No. 5: Dressing smartly.

A creation by: Teo Baró Ubach

Texts: Antonio Ortega, La condición de artista

Editing and directing: Rosa Rydahl

Guest Artist: Sònia Gómez

Soundtrack: Joe Crepúsculo, Undo mixed a Holgerzilske, Mika, Miracle Fortress, Thomas Andersson mixed a Peter, Bjorn and John, Christal Castles, Repeat Repeat.