(fragment, 2006) Basque Country/Lisbon, 2006

A body's ability to affect or be affect –it´s charge of affect– isn´t something fixed

-Brian Massumi-


Filipa Francisco and Idoia Zabaleta have created a piece for the body and its relation to writing, territory and absence. During 11 months they developed a process of long-distance communication as a means of entering each other's imaginaries. They joined the accumulated content of their letters and their translations/interpretations and transposed it to the body, through the construction of a common script. The working process of the project unfolds in the helicoidal form of two interlaced DNA spirals, producing a piece that tries to occupy the space between the territories of the two choreographers. It is a reflection on the possibility of affecting not only the other person's imaginary, but also her physicality, About the (im)possibility of becoming the other. Dueto is this poetic and intimate encounter between the performers and the public.

Concept and performance: Filipa Francisco and Idoia Zabaleta
Lighting design: Ricardo Madeira
Original music: Vitor Rua
Costumes: Carlota Lagido
Graphic design: Borja Ramos
Photography: Jorge Gonçalves, Ana Borralho
Video Documentation: João Pinto
Executive Production: Mafalda Ferreira
Production: Alkantara (Lisbon), Panorama Rio Dança (Rio de Janeiro)-Encontros 2005-06
Co-production: Jangada de Pedra, Quarta Parede/Festival Y, Circular Festival de Artes Performativas
With the support of: European Cultural Foundation, Gabinete de Relações Culturais Internacionais (Portugal), Instituto Camões, Telemar (Brazil), L'animal a l'esquena, Arteleku, Centa, Mira, Periferiak, Re.Al
And funding from: Departamento de Cultura del Gobierno Vasco, Instituto das Artes/Ministério da Cultura