DIY (Do It Yourself)

Professional development by artists for artists


DIY is another resource created by Live Art Development Agency to give an opportunity for artists working in Live Art to conceive and run professional development projects for other artists.

Most professional development schemes are conceived by 'arts professionals' and tend not to be geared to the eclectic and often unusual needs of artists whose practices are grounded in challenging and unconventional approaches, forms and concepts. DIY aim to promote ideas for exciting, innovative and idiosyncratic Live Art professional development projects that offer something different.

The first DIY was run in 2002, and since 2007 has been a national initiative in United Kingdom.


In the context of WALA! we propose a DIY with Oreet Ashery and another with Olga Mesa. Both will share with local artists their current issues, practices and work materials. 


Wednesday 7th and Thursday 8th of December

La Porta___casa / Wednesday from 3pm to 7pm / Thursaday from 10am to 2pm and from 3pm to 7pm 

DIY with Oreet Ashery

The agency of bad jokes, humour and comedy

Humour is known to be a free and democratic cultural material used as amateur vernacular or professionally. Humour could be used for survival under difficult conditions, as political commentary and as way of expressing intimacy and warmth with people. In art and performance humour is often a way of easing the viewer into subtle, complex and contested territories.

This DIY will use jokes as a starting point to look into possibilities of creating small snippets of performances and action using characters, video, movement and sound. The group will individually, in small groups and as one group.

Participants are asked to bring one joke with them, as well as short 10 minutes presentation of their relationship to humour in their work of in their lives.

Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 of December                                                                                     

La Porta___casa / Saturday from 10am to 2pm / Sunday from 10am to 2pm and from 3pm to 7pm 

DIY with Olga Mesa

blackOut : prácticas (no) visibles del cuerpOperador en el proyecto labOfilm [blackout: (non)visible practices of the bodyOperator in the labOfilm project]

blackOut is anoter term belonging to Olga Mesa’s Construction and editing tools vocabulary, which she articulates and develops –from the “bodyOperator” and its relationship with the camera/image/spectator- within her audiovisual device labOfilm. In the labOfilm project the body is the vocabulary of a filmic and labyrinthic language. In this workshop the choreographer and visual artist will propose to the participating artists and space for thinking and writing out of a practice with the “bodyOperator”.