Bilbao/Barcelona (2006)

The starting point for the solo Distribución are the notes filmed in Side inserts in a common surface to explore a sensorial and intuitive relationship of the body and the planes of movement. A body flung into space to confront its constant reformulation through fragmentation. We are invited to lose ourselves in that which emerges from bodily architecture and what it arouses based on the familiar, close at hand, revealed but not yet recognised. Throughout this work, which sets up a continuous dialogue between movement and stillness, Elena's body draws in space and invites our gaze to get closer to her presence as if it was the cross section of a translucent texture that can be updated and explored. An exercise in presence and exposure that simultaneously plays with the undefined area of the real, imagined and desired body.


Movement: Elena Albert
Lighting design: Ana Rovira
With the support of: The Departament de Cultura-Generalitat de Catalunya
And the collaboration of: La Caldera, La Poderosa and La Porta/espacio cómodo