Dibujos, vestidos y juguetes

The starting point for developing this piece was the idea of disintegration. The piece works with the remains of something that had once existed, brushing the essence of something that is coming apart and keeping only the most primitive and abstract elements, in which the body appears as a dismembered dance, destroyed, without logic. A place of erosion and violent fragility.  Time doesn't seem to matter in actions with a strong attraction to the void.

Drawings, dresses and toys have their place in a spectacle of landscapes, violence and suspended time within an interdisciplinary framework that includes elements of dance, theatre, performance and video.  As in our earlier works, we are interested in developing projects that set up a dialogue with the gaze, allowing space for exchange and intuition, images that converge into landscapes and evoke feelings, signs and premonitions in the memories of the audience, triggering a personal reading of the work. 

In our works, we understand dramaturgy on the basis of rhythm and the impulse that drives our pieces. We work with movement and text as a way of encouraging the expressive individuality of each performer.  We create a space for performers to be on stage in an immediate way, which allows them to reach the audience more intimately and find ways of generating dialogue between thought and action. Audiovisuals are a constant element in our performances. They take the form of another narrative parallel to the movement on stage, showing actions and landscapes that concentrate their expressive power through audiovisual language.

choreographed/directed by: Ana María García and Juan José de la Jara

performers: Lola Jiménez, Juan José de la Jara, Ana María García

audiovisuals: Lengua Blanca and an extract from F. Fellini's Satyricon.

sound editing: Taniel Morales

stage design: Lengua Blanca

backdrop: Francisca Jiménez

lighting: Almudena Sancho

with the collaboration of: UVI - La Inesperada, La Porta, La Caldera, Espacio Escénico DT

acknowledgements: Francisca Jiménez, Alfonso García,  Estudio 3, Andrés Villalobos and above all Wadley