Diarios de una estación

An open conversation with Mónica Valenciano, an artist from the Canary Islands. Just like her stage works, which were the subject of a monographic series in Desviaciones '98 and at the '04 Escena Contemporánea festival in Madrid, many of Monica's texts and drawings have been compiled and published by independent publishers. For this occasion, La Porta has produced a special edition of material from her latest series, Diarios de una estación.

Behind the compositions I create for the stage, there is always a day-to-day process that involves investigation through drawing and making texts, notes, ideas and images, which become part of the process because they create something like a map, thought-itineraries in which I increasingly play the role of a receptacle or screen.

Material is deposited little by little, and then I combine and draw it all together to form a kind of script or guide that I often use to materialise stage compositions.

At other times, I've shown this material in exhibitions or publications such as Disparates (published by Antonio Fernández Lera), Cuadernos de la nave (published by La luz Roja), Música en los huesos (La luz Roja) and now, the work in progress Diarios de una estación.

The organisers have proposed that I present this process here, and we will try to formulate and show where it comes from and how it has evolved. A chance to share it in intimacy with the audience.

-Mónica Valenciano-