Deux danses d'ameublement

The John Cage piano piece Cheap Imitation was inspired by the symphonic drama Socrate by Erik Satie. Satie was in turn inspired by texts by Plato, and Vincent takes inspiration from the story of the two compositions. His dance simultaneously works with le geste (gesture, the instant, the physical) and la geste (the heroic deed, storytelling, the epic of a certain antiquity/modernity of dance). The imaginary and embodiment, with a table and a chair as props. As reference texts, Vincent shows 23 photos of Fumiyo Ikeda, a living archive of the company Rosas, and photos from the solo Primary Accumulation (1972), choreographed by Trisha Brown. Vincent Dunoyer presents his personal tribute to Cheap Imitation through a game of metamorphoses, culminating in what he calls two furniture dances, cheap imitations transformed into original creations.

13th and 14th of March, 20h

30 minutes /  shared program with Ella entra

Choreography and performance: Vincent Dunoyer
Music: John Cage, Cheap Imitation Part1
Lights: Ana Rovira
Original photos by: Mirjam Devriendt
Thanks to: La Porta, L'animal a l'esquena

* this performance of Vincent Dunoyer was made possible thanks to the support of the Flemish Minister of Culture