work in progress

A critical reflection on the values established by today's society, on the power of the media, on the desire for fame at any price, on the rejection of failure, ugliness and heterodoxy, on the need to always be original but never different, on globalisation, consumerism and the accelerated rhythm of our lives.

This piece explores the relationship that is formed when using instant messaging, video conferencing and chat, where we can manipulate information to alter the self and change the way others perceive us. We use stage conventions that allow us to be whoever we want to be, to experience actions and situations that transform us into other people, before the eyes of the audience, turning our dreams into reality and making us question the idea of grandeur, triumph and failure.

Created and performed by:
David Espinosa
Directed by:
David Espinosa/África Navarro
With the collaboration of: Juanma Pacheco, Ruben Ramos, Ramon Oriola and other friends and fools
Management and production:
El Local and Bipol·art
With the collaboration of: La Porta/comfortable spaces