We demystify the animal problem in the human adventure.
We support a possible reconciliation of pigs and humans.
We experience for the limits of human transmutation.
We preach a chimeric future: creating a new being half man and half pig.


At the frontier of the scientific-futuristic expertise and the rediscovered surrealism, PORCOPOLIS, a project of life where the pig is considered the future of humanity.
CRITCRU is the next stage of the project presented in August in the official program of the Street Theatre Festival in Aurillac (FR). The presentation of a future society that goes through the metamorphosis and the ways of the modern chimera. A show in close collaboration with a reflection on the future of mankind with the suport of philosophers, scientists and economists, to confirm the desire to push the boundaries between art and science.

PORCOPOLIS, science fiction or reality?

Still a story about the future of the world. Still an epic of metamorphosis.

The group of PORCOPOLIS will be in residency at La Porta from June 26th to 30th.