Copacabana <=> Barceloneta

Copacabana<=>Barceloneta is an object that can be seen as a performance, just as it can be seen as a way of re-imagining/re-inhabiting places, or simply as a modality of encounter. Playing with the collective imaginaries that travel across different places, this project will export 40 minutes of daily Copacabana beach life into Barcelona's Barceloneta beach. By buying a CCK (CopaCabana Kit) at the festival, anybody can have a part in this live piece (or better, in this piece of life) staged in Barceloneta, aka Copacabana.

This piece will be followed by a conversation around some juicy cocktails at sunset, a way of continuing the confusion between areas: beach, performance, conversation, work and fiesta.

Conservas Resort outdoors / performance, meeting, day-dream, cocktail

21st of March, from 16 to 20h approx.
16h - Take #1
17h -
Take #2
18h -
Take #3
19h - Cocktail

A proposal by Valentina Desideri and Paula Caspão.