Common Ground

Common Ground is a piece about our capacity to replace one thing with a similar one. On stage, the interior of an apartment is reproduced by two life-size animated projections that suggest the movements of a person wondering through the space. The audience, contained within that illusory space produced by the images of each room and its sounds, is sensorially immersed in the events recounted by a person whose voice can be heard but is never visible throughout the performance, and whose absence is thus embodied.

Cecilia Vallejos creates theatrical structures in which form justifies content and vice versa, setting up a specific relationship between the audience and the work each time. Her work isn't strictly choreographic, but her way of involving and understanding action remains closely related to a dramaturgy of movement and space.

10th of March, 21h

50 minutes

Concept and script: Cecilia Vallejos
Vídeo editing: Nicola Unger
Life voice: Naiara Mendioroz
Recorded voices: Zhana Ivanova, Claudia Buser
Photography on location: Reyn van Koolwijk, Cecilia Vallejos
Sound compilation: Matthijs de Bruijne
Supported by: Wp Zimmer Werkplaats (Amberes) y Theater Zeebelt (La Haya)
Agradecimientos: Harco Hagsma, Edit Kaldor, Judith Schoneveld, Carine Meulders, Catherine Henegan y DasArts.

* This presentation was made possible thanks to the support of the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Spain