Coaching Sessions with local artists

by Joao Fiadeiro

The coaching sessions with João Fiadeiro are based on questioning, stimulating and debating a specific artistic work at its fist stages. Looking and assisting it through a critical analysis of its theoretical, aesthetical and dramaturgical principles. Taking also a deep look at the formalization of theses principles in its specific composition and performance.

These sessions are basically addressed to emergent artists, or experienced ones who find their own work at a turning point. Artists who besides  having an outer look, are in the need of tools tat provide a critical distance between the will of making and the ability to communicate the desired contents. It is a very exigent relationship that aims to generate the needed conditions for the artists to gain trust in their potentials , developing a critical spirit in relation to their own creative process.

Within the frame of Duplo Sentido, João Fiadeiro will have coaching sessions on the present projects of Patricia Caballero, Ariadna Estalella, Lola Jiménez, Cecilia Colacrai, María Montseny and Ana Rubirola.

The Coaching practice emerges directly from the roll RE.AL has developed during the last years through the LAB project - a series of residences in which the artists are invited to develop experiments instead of artistic objects-, as well as through their support to emergent artists associated directly or indirectly to RE.AL - such as Tiago Guedes, Cláudia Dias, Gustavo Sumpta, João Galante y Ana Borralho, Márcia Lança, Mario Alfonso, among others.