Cristina Blanco

In the quantum world is said that until something is observed, all possible situations are happening simultaneously. Until someone observes it. Then nature chooses one out of the diverse possibilities. So for the time being in ciencia_ficción everything and everything at the same time is taking place. At least until you came to see it.

This is an artistic project based on scientific theories about the infinitely big and the infinitely small. It aims to be an approach to science, a research done from a non-scientific mind.

  •     (atomo seen with 1000x augments)
  •     (Earth seen from 100 (million meters)    

The starting point of ciencia_ficción has been the fact of questioning myself and others about the eternal questions: Who are we?, Where do we go?, What's the universe?, Is it infinite?, Where is it?, Where does it finish?, What was there before the Big Bang? And comes out of my interest on anything related to science, fiction and science-fiction.

♦ You can follow this show on 12th of March in streaming in TV-TRON.

12th of March, 20h
CCCB, Hall

Length: 45 min

A project by Cristina Blanco
With music by Cristina Blanco and Rubén Ramos
Translation of the video of Spirit: Quim Pujol

Suported by: Iberescena, espacios cómodos'10 - La Porta, Al-kantara, Espacio Práctico, El Local, La Casa Encendida, Aula de Danza Estrella Casero, el local de la calle Azucenas (thanks Bárbara, Mary y Cuqui).
Thanks to Rubén, Pandelís, Miguel Magdalena, Elena Netalga, David and Afri, Vicente and Sandra, a Quim and Edu, Aimar and Javier, Tina Paterson, André Castro, Bea, Carmelo, Txalo, Sergi and all the Teatron bloggers who have supported the project there.