Cheap Imitation Part 1

Gap with Vincent Dunoyer

The body as an archive of movement, the body as memory.

A tiny choreographic gem and the screening of a series of images will lead us into a conversation with the artist about Memento - a serial solo project that deals with memory and the archive in the body. A memory of choreographers who have influenced the history of dance but also, above all, Vincent Dunoyer's personal story, and the emotion, questions and desire that they provoked. Choreographers that he feels connected to in some way.

Personal mircro-commissions to artists, thinkers, creators... in which the conference format takes on new perspectives. Through these artefacts we want to open up a space, where both guests and audiences can come into contact with the thinking process, not just results. In order to lay bare an idea or reflexion, and come together in an off-stage context. A chance to learn about the guest's ideas without necessary framing it within his or her work.

We're interested in encouraging gaps - bubbles in which artists can develop a line of investigation in total freedom. We want to face the task, together, of coming face to face with the challenge/practice of practicing new formats and presentation environments as a breeding ground for criteria and critique, giving impetus to creative thinking.

Choregraphy: Vincent Dunoyer
Muse: Fumiyo Ikeda
Photos: Mirjam Devriendt
Music: Cheap Imitation (part 1) by John Cage.