Catching a big fish

The subject of this proposal is related to the cliches and icons of the narration of different stories. The association and dissociation of elements, symbols and actions that give rise to other meanings depending on its decontextualization and through that we can find different relations between the Object and the Subject.
How many possibilities are there to tell a wordless story? What is reality and illusion? Up to which point can we take for truth ours own reality?
Catching a big fish follows the symbols and marks of a murder, which possibly has never happened. A game among the signification and the identity that took to the absurdity the narrative story of a crime. The images, texts and fragments of movements will keep being debuilt and again reconstruct in new forms that will give rise to new meanings of the story.


Thanks to the Espacio Cómodo, Monica and her team had a residency at La Poderosa from 1 to15 of Agost 2010 to work on Catching a big fish before its premiere on September 8 at Munich.

Idea and concept: Monica Gomis
Choreography: Monica Gomis with the collaboration of Teresa Acevedo, Nuno Lucas, Andreas Albert Müller and Sonja Pregrad
Performers: Teresa Acevedo, Nuno Lucas, Andreas Albert Müller, Sonja Pregrad
Assistance of dramaturgy: Tina Meß
Music: Albert Pöschl
Wardrobe: Robert Kis
Lights: Michael Bischoff
Scenic space: Monica Gomis, Michael Bischoff, Tina Meß
Design: Jorge Galán Liquete
Organization: Tina Meß, Monica Gomis
Add: Ulrich Stefan Knoll, Tina Meß