Canción laverinto (occupation/practice)

Mónica Valenciano

Canción Laverinto is born as a proposal to meet taking, as a point of departure, a map-cartography of submarine images taken from Mónica Valenciano's book A Fisherman with subtitles. An invitation thrown to Estela Lloves,  Sara Paniagua and Raquel Sánchez with the purpose to create a field of personal work building the fabric of our own Labyrinth Song.

In the beginning our purpose was the training of perception: of time, perspective, the use of zoom, photogram, sequence, plan-sequence, plan-counterplan… opening the eyes of the whole body (towards a grammar of feeling).

A first stage of work has given rise to three independent partitions, where now a space for collaboration is now opened, the purpose of which will be the exploration of that fabric by putting the different materials at stake: their relations, transits, landscapes, itinerant  or in-process architectures of the different plans, textures, situations, volumes... Fugacities that draw the atmosphere of a possible canción laberinto... lover-in-to, sets-matches, tracings of circuits in search of the third thing which reveals how the fabric works.

From the smallest of the thing-house-cosmos towards the multiple framings of the gaze. Different sizes, latitudes, longitudes, the depths of the skin and the places of a hug, for instance. Of the inbetween secret, the inbetween thing.

Do you have time?
Within time.
The space as protagonist.

♦ From March 14th to March 18th Canción laverinto will occupy the space of La Poderosa with its practice.

♦ See also: Taula_Talk. Around the work of Mónica Valenciano with the choreographer and Ana Buitrago, March 16th, 19.00h, La Porta.

March 19th, 20h    
La Porta

Length: 2h 30min

With: Mónica Valenciano, Estela Lloves, Raquel Sánchez and Sara Paniagua
With the collaboration of Centro Cultural de Navas de Riofrio and La Losa