Boxeo para células y planetas

Fear of death as the source of melancholy

Boxeo... began as the result of an invitation from the MUSAC, León, to participate in a conference on The sinister and other contemporary fears. In essay-fiction style, we present the figure of Pascal Kahn, a character who, as a result of a decisive event, finds his normal life destabilised and ultimately destroyed. Pascal finds a new identity through the sinister - through the fear of death. This doubling back on the I allows him to reflect on his own fear and also on human nature, on the way in which the narcissism that arises from fear of death sets up a strong link with the external world, that is, with social relations and ultimately with the tragedy of what it means to be human. The fear of death, the desire to be eternal, plunges the main character into a pathological melancholy from which he is unable to escape.  Melancholy is no longer a transitory mood, it becomes a lifestyle and even a way of thinking.  Pascal Kahn's conflict has to do with the contradiction raised by being both human flesh - human bone and human humanity at the same time.  How can we combine the individual search for happiness with the catastrophe of being human. To reflect on this conflict, Pascal creates a series of collages that connect science with war, cells with planets, crimes against humanity with the discovery of new species. Thus he presents an aesthetic overview of the horror that defines our turbulent times.  Pascal's inner defeat is painfully reflected in the defeat of reason.

(NOTE: The audience is asked to bring along x-rays, medicines, analyses, clinical histories)


Written and directed by Angélica Liddell

With Gumersindo Puche and Angélica Liddell

The performers in the Pascal Kahn video are:  Gumersindo Puche (father), Virtudes Esteban, and the members of the workshop on memory organised by the Centro Social de Mayores Joaquín María López, in Villena, Alicante.

Produced by: MUSAC, Casa de América, Comunidad de Madrid.