Basic Dance

Madrid/Amsterdam/Sao Paulo( 2004)

Paz Rojo created a solo and offered it to the dancer Cristian Duarte with her wish for it to be translated. Basic Dance is this solo, in the form of a duet. It is also a two-way dialogue based on that idea of translation: the solo is repeated, but in another body; each dancer makes the score his or her own, and the total sum provokes an encounter that negotiates with proximity and change. What is the place of the performer's physical history in the process of reproduction?
Basic Dance reveals a physical time, in which the performers meet in a territory limited by their own memories and the fragility of desire, where everything that is present and presentable could disappear. The piece is only made possible through a small violent act of a deceived gesture somewhere between imagination and play and, therefore, with the invitation to watch.

Concept: Paz Rojo
Created and performed by: Paz Rojo and Cristian Duarte
Artistic collaboration: Bojana Kunst
Produced by: Lisa and Gasthuistheater in collaboration with Kanuti Gildi Saal (Tallinn, Estonia)
Supported by: Amsterdam Fonds Voor, Kunst and Fonds Voor de Amateurkunst, Podium Kunsten