Aquí gloria, y después paz (Here glory, and peace after)

Patricia Caballero

Twenty-odd years harvesting physical skills. And who says harvesting, says accumulating, collecting. One is always collecting oneself but at the same time: Who could spread out from the tip of his own fingers, who could scatter himself, who could disposes from oneself, pluralize or blur oneself. 

26th and 27th of March, 20h
Mercat de les Flors, sala Pina Bausch

Length: 45 min

Concept and performance: Patricia Caballero
Critical accompaniament: Lipi Hernández and Rui Catalão
Collaboration: espacios cómodos '10 - La Porta
Distribution: Martinico Producciones
Thanks to: María, David, Jorge, Sonia, Afrika, Adriana, Raul, Hijinio, Juana, Cristina, Juan and Isabel.