Guillem Mont de Palol & Jorge Dutor

The chosen text is a text that Jorge wrote the first day of the process, a text that reflects questions, fears and ways of working. A metatext that is represented how was our first day of work: a disaster!
So far, the work has been to disengage and fragment a discursive text into small sequences: into paragraphs, sentences, words and syllables. A work of going from what is big to what is minimum. Of giving meaning to what is not, to emphasize parts that do not have it in order to reach an choreographic absurdity. A work of musical and choreographic composition. A work purely formal, rhythmic and almost mathematical. A kind of virtuosity of disorganization.

By deconstructing something that has an apparent meaning we offer another way of perceiving the language and the relationship that it has with the body. How to incorporate the language to the body, how to move the language or how to talk the body?
How using tools such as repetition, dilatation or shortening singing, polyrhythm, association wordplay or by saying the speech when it is in a specific physical state that affects the meaning of the speech itself, you come to propose a different thing that the text propose.
How to convert the text into something else using formal tools? How to suggest a speech where the contents are not the message of the text but the how it is said, so that the contents of the speech are not the message of this but the language itself.