Agrio Beso

A suicidal proposal by Juan Navarro y Javier Corcobado

This production is dedicated to those who die before their time, those who have the nerve to kill themselves. We use the suicides of rock and roll stars as an invisible, subterranean scenography in which to set up an electric circuit made up of our own small, commonplace deaths, our transient suicides. Perhaps in our determination to make the world a better place we see suicide as an option, always in search of that happy, healthy, proud new man that can overcome pain and terror, the man that lives inside our TV sets. We promise to do our best once again, in our attempt to entertain-pervert your thoughts for a while through that naive idea of communication that gives us life and takes it away. We invite you into our electric sanctuary, where Javier's music will offer non-stop disturbance, illuminating, as always, the deep friendship that exists between the noise of desperate uncertainty and the fragile melodies of the soul, an unwary kiss from the heart
Juan Navarro

Juan Navarro also participates at LP'09 wih a proposal for Nits Salvatges.

21st of March, 21h

110 minutes

Created and directed by: Juan Navarro
Music composed by: Javier Corcobado
With Juan Navarro, Javier Corcobado, Vera Acacio, Jesús Alonso, Agnès Mateus and Rafael Navarro
Special collaboration: Xavier Ribas
Video-creation: Ivó Vinuesa
Lights an technical direction: Ferdi Esparza
Teals: Álex Posadas
Production: Societat Teatral Mi Perro
Light assistant: Javier Vinagre
Photography: Xavi Soto, P. Maribel
Subsidized by: Generalitat de Catalunya
With the collaboration of : Sala Apolo, Hangar, Audiolux, Stem
Thanks to: Jorge Aragone, Julio García, Jonás, Carlos Pereira, Álex Posada, Nieves Casquete, Fiódor Dostoyevski, Carles Fígols, Belén, Àngel Pagès, Maria Mateus, Salva, Farmàcia Glòria Barniol de Premià, Carlos Degollada, Marc Romagosa, Audiolux, Quique Camí, Guille Apolo, Carme Ayza, Leti