Sofía Asencio

Elche 1971. Performer and choreographer. Graduated at the Institut del Teatre of Barcelona. As Dancer she has worked for several companies (L'anónima Imperial, Mudances, Vicente Saez, Cia ACTA and General Elèctrica). Since  2002 co-directs with  Tomàs Aragay  Societat Doctor Alonso having collaborated in the creation of the performances: Sobre la bellesa; Shopping bread; Santa Sofía, El solo d'una ignorant; Sobre la mort; El traspiés de Luisa; Volumen II; Ramón 2108; Retratos, o si yo fuera; Club Fernando Pessoa; and Àcid Folklòric. She has also collaborated with other directors such as Rosa Muñoz, creating and performing the piece Sosa for the company Raravis and with Iva Horvat with whom she has collaborated in La Reina de las Nieves and Hazme feliz. Since 2004 Sofía shares the artistic direction of the collective Cèl•lula and the festival Mapa from with Ernesto Collado and Tomàs Aragay.