Sergi Fäustino

my feet rest on the ground from the toes to the pad. the second toe of both feet are twisted. is a matter of inheritance, my cousin has them like me and my grandmother’s sister had them too. the ankle is slightly bent, a little, just enough to feel some tension in the area.  my two ankles are operated,  i broke the joint outer ligaments playing basketball. it was not at once, first one and one year after the other. then i had a few strains and they become lax. i have never jumped the same way. the calves are touching the bar below the chair, they are a bit loaded. they’re becoming bigger since i’m running seriously. the knees are bent about 45 degrees. i feel my weight in the chair across the back of my thighs. i notice the right quadriceps more than the left. i have a tilted pelvis and the bottom of the lumbar spine is pulled by the action of my hamstrings. i have short hamstrings for having practiced sail during puberty, the period of formation of the adult body. this is bad for the lower back but good for protecting the knees. i have trouble keeping my lower back straight. my belly is bent forward, my guts lean on the inside of my stomach. the top of my arms are hanging from the shoulders and forearms are flat on the computer just before the wrists. i have a right arm injury and i can’t stretch it totally. i broke it up when i was eight years old and a small piece of bone stayed in the joint. fingers on the keys. my neck is bent forward and my head is tilted down, looking at the computer screen as i write this.

a moment, i'll take a picture.    that's it.

two minutes ago i was in a position almost equal to that now. two hours ago i was running through the woods. two days ago i had some slight soreness in the quadriceps result of spending the night before fucking long and hard. two weeks ago i felt some heaviness in my legs and i wondered how this would determine the experiences of "Fäustino II, history of a body and its city," i was going to share with people. Two years ago i was preparing the show C-60 and i felt like Emilio Estefan, at that point it became clear that my body was asking me to stop messing around and dedicate myself to him. twenty years ago i was working in an old people hospital. forty years ago i was going to born in seven months. today is may 22th, 2012


(Barcelona, 1972)
He made studies of dance and direction at the School for New Dance Developement in Amsterdam (Holland).
He came back to Barcelona and worked with some local companies.
His last creations are: de los condenados (2007), duques de bergara unplugged (2008), zombi (2009) and C60 (2010).