Natàlia Espinet i Vallès

My artistic work revolves around solo works in which dance and text come together, often in the same place.  I also invent, take part in and direct other kinds of formats. 
The works and situations I mention below have been part of this process:  Cami llarg des d'on de paisatge transparent, solo commissioned by Festival Mapa 2005. Movement lab: Ses Dones –Mirabilis Jalapa, a dance and music research space with E. Teixidor, E. Tarrès, N. Entrocasi, M. Garzón, D. Iglesyes, S. Carré, 2004-05. Particions Tàctils with J. Taffanel, multidisciplinary project, 2001.  ARTNET, dance, theatre and music for young people, Finland, Austria, Catalonia and Germany, in Youth for Europe, 1999-2001. En Espera, solo, 1999. Set Cartes i La Sal, solo, collaboration with Q. Estivill (stage design) P. Ametlla (painting) and T. Pujol (music and technical direction) 1996-98. Detalls de ciutat, solo with Q. Estivill (stage design), C. Romeu (painting), 1996-97. Ishtar Eròtica, Olvido and Primera carta de vida, solos, 1996. Un rosec de pa i nous i altres històries, collaboration with music group Tracanet, Carta D'Amor i P.D., solo with the violinist T. Pujol, 1994. Intringol, solo with Q. Estivill (stage design), C. Simarro (lighting), T. Pujol (music) and S. Capellà (assistant). Refugi - Tifor, solos, 1993. Negreses, solo, 1990-93. Since 2000, much of my daily work involves organisation and teaching, with the aim of creating a context for dance in the area of Girona. In practice, this means administration and management of the EMDC (Escola Municipal de Dansa de Celrà) and Perla per la Dansa activities.
Earlier, I'd learnt to dance in Barcelona, New York, Brussels and London, where I worked with several professional companies and artists.