Mauricio González

De-formed in classical ballet in Las Palmas, Madrid and Zaragoza. From 1980 until 1983 danced with the companies: Ballet de Zaragoza, Ballet Royal de Wallonie (Belgic) and the National Spanish Ballet, where he worked for eight years. After this period he began to develop his own work, moving radically away from the academical language: Petite piece La canaria, CD1 CD2 CD3 CD4... maxifaldas salvavidas and Insert coin. His most recent performance works are: Ya tengo asiento, Una versión + de la muerte del cisne, Piezas domésticas - La técnica perfecta de giro, Carmen estampada, Pájaro Perro, Ballets Blancos (Nits Salvatges 2009). His video Works are: Ballets Rusos (Variaciones Sigfrido Odette) presented in the programmationof In-presentable (Casa Encendida, Madrid), Minuto Express (presented in el Hueco, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria), Ballets Rusos-Variaciones El Canario (within the Virtual Cicle Sobrenatural2 from La Porta, Barcelona). Since 2007 works as actor for the company Matarile Teatro collaborating in their last 3 productions: Truenos y misterios, Animales artificiales and Cerrado por aburrimiento (on tour, at present). In June 2008 he began to work with Bea Fernández in her Project Tres personas, todos los cuerpos, premiered in 2010.