Martine Pisani

She lives and works in Paris. She began dancing in the 80s and studied contemporary dance with David Gordon, Yvonne Rainer and Odile Duboc. She has practiced Tai Chi Chuan with Pierre Lapébie since 1987. For several years, she danced with the company Dunes, Madeline Chiche and Bernard Misrachi, with whom she also carried out various pedagogic activities. In 1992 she started her own company, La Compagnie du Solitaire, and created the works: Fragments tirés du sommeil (trio, 1992); U-Nighted (duet, 1993); Le grand combat (solo, 1993), Là où nous sommes (cuarteto, 1995). She was awarded the Vivat la danse de Armentières festiva prize in 1996. Her most recent pieces are: L'air d'aller  (trio, 1998), Sans (trio, 2000), Ce que je regarde me regarde (duet, 2001), Slow Down (sextet, 2002), Bande à part (sextet, 2004), Contre Bande (solo, accompanies by a choir, 2005), o please tell me (solo, 2006) and Hors sujet ou le bel ici (quartet, 2007).