María Vera

Degree in Interpretation by the Barcelona Institute of Theatre and Film by the University of Sorbonne-Paris 1.

My work is oriented towards the match and mismatch between film and stage.

My main interest is to remove the shadow of everything that is not shown, which is not visible.

I think that fiction is contained in the look of the adult about things, this is why I devote myself to decide where to look and which is its intentionality.

I venture on a journey across that can be likened to the fall in a twilight state, a state between sleep and wakefulness in which coexist simultaneously images that break into memory (the absents), those struggling to emerge from wounds on the body (emotions) and those that illuminate the darkness that stirs in the heart of everyday experience (the ghosts).

So pause and silence, my work tools

“The pause is the Achilles' heel. Is the vanishing point. Our only opportunity”.