Marco Berrettini

Ironic, provocative, unpredictable, a firm believer in dance for everyone in the face of stage correctness, Marco Berrettini's reputation precedes him. He has adopted Nietzsche's idea that life is to be danced.
Born in 1963 in Germany, to Italian parents, he lives in Genveva and works wherever his projects take him. At fifteen he was a German Disco Champion, He studied at the Londdon School of Contemporary Dance and with Pina Bausch at Essen Folkwnagschule. He also studied Theatre Sciences, European Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology an Frankfurt University.
As a performer, his career has been heterogeneous, as can be seen in his sources of inspiration as a choreographer. He danced in a Jazz company, a ballet corps and contemporary dance companies with Georges Appaix, François Verret, Noemi Lapzeson.  In 1986 he founded the company Tanzplantation, renamed *Melk Prod. in 2000. Marco Berrettini likes to work with gestuality, using a specific character or format as the basis to develop towards abstract dance, setting up a distance. Starting with the solo Je m'appelle Emil Sturmwetter (1994), he creates the character of a record salesman accused of murdering his wife as a particularly lovable pathetic alter ego. His work Sturmwetter prépare l'an d'Emil won the ZKP prize in 1999 at the Theater Spektakel in Zurich. Multi(s)me (2000) is a hinge work that places a dance company on stage as a business, in which the employers are artists facing the anxiety of not inventing anything. Sorry, do the tour! (2001) makes reference to his past as a disco dancer. He followed these with Blitz (2002) and New movements for old bodies (2003), in which he questions the sense of community, where each person claims the right to his own form and content. No paraderan (2004), created at the Théâtre de la Ville in París, is based on Parade, by Cocteau, Massine and Picasso using music by Satie. His latest work is L'Opérette sans sou, si…  (2006), created at Pôle Sud in Strasburg (France). Since September 2004, Berrettini directs the Movement module at the Swiss Theatre School in Lausanne.