Las Santas

Las Santas is a group of independent choreographers-interpreters created in 2000 and formed by: Beatriz Fernández, Mònica Muntaner and Sílvia Sant Funk with the urgent and common need to develop new ways towards a multifocal and flexible creation in scenic creation's ground.
From their beginning, Las Santas have created small format pieces, solos and joint pieces with a specific and changing format. They also generate projects that encourage the meeting and the infection with other artists. 
Las Santas put focusing of their creations on the body and its multiple representations outside and inside the stage. Their current works reflect in a direction that puts in question the scenic space, the looked of the public and the body as space of thought and by shared memory.
Besides, Las Santas direct and manage La Poderosa, space for the dance and its pollutants from where they shake their immediate cultural environment. An important part of their work is based on creating spaces or platforms of thought, action and exhibition around the new languages of the body.
They constitute a platform of work that allows them to develop their trajectories as creators and parallelly inventing different formulas of continuous evolution.

From their creation they have presented:
-Descontrolada, used for the first time at 2000 in La Porta, Barcelona.
-Ejercicio nº3, used for the first time at 2001 in Ca L'Estruch, Sabadell.
-Momunt, used for the first time at 2002 in L'Espai, Barcelona.
-Escorzo, used for the first time at 2003 in La Caldera, Barcelona.
-Bizarre, used for the first time at 2003 in Festival Sitges Teatre Internacional.
-Apariencias, presented at 2004 in Les Golfes of Can Fabra, Barcelona.
-Menta in uirmain, used for the first time at 2005 in Teatre de la Guerrilla, Barcelona.
-3 trobades, used for the first time at 2006 in Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona.
-I have a dream, used for the first time at 2006 in festival MAP, Girona.
-Space Invaders, project site specific in La Poderosa, December 2007, Barcelona.
-Los que se ven entre sí (of the project Mis Series) installation-laboratory presented in the Festival LP'09 in La Poderosa, Barcelona.
-Ella entra, used LP'09, Barcelona, for the first time in the Festival.
-Tres personas, todos los cuerpos and Los que se ven entre sí, used for the first time in Festival A ras de suelo, April 2010, Las Palmas of Gran Canaria.
-Poemas de amor y cuerpo, used for the first time in the Festival Escena Poblenou 2010, Barcelona.