Ivana Müller

Ivana Müller is a performance artist, choreographer and theatre director. In her artistic work she develops defined performative concepts that use twists in perception or logic as a starting point, creating pieces that are poetic and scientific, philosophical and humorous, intimate and political at the same time. In her recent work she explores the notions of self-invention and story-telling, often working on the borders between fiction and reality.
Most of her work is made for theatres, although she also creates installations for galleries and museums or publishes texts. Her works are a.o. How Heavy Are My Thoughts (2003), List of Instructions (2003/2004), Under My Skin (2005) and While We Were Holding It Together. She studied literature in Zagreb, dance and choreography in Amsterdam and fine arts in Berlin. She is one of the founding members of association LISA (Amsterdam).
Ivana Müller is living and working in Amsterdam and Paris.