Itxaso Corral

Curriculum Vitae.

English version in english words wich are supposed to mean the same as the spanish ones.)
Primera aproximación a la idea y realidad de función curricular, en esta vida.
(first approximation to the idea and reality of a CV, in this life, or what i think it´s relevant in a CV, in my CV, curriculum vitae, [the] course of [my] life, course, trip, route, path, trajectory, run… or walk, slowly, breathing)

dilatadora del tiempo. (time dilater woman) (time expander woman)

dilatar. (to dilate or to expand. I don´t know the exact word , and it´s essential or vital, no, it´s essential and vital, to find the exact word; i have found it in spanish: dilatar. It took me 32 years of cv to find it: dilatar. And i am here trying to find the english words, spending only one hour or two to find them, using an english translator on internet)

agrandar (to make larger)

abrir los tubos (to open the canals, the body tubes)

ano y boca. (anus and mouth.)

vagina. (vagina.)

dilatar el tiempo, es, por ejemplo, abrir los tubos, los agujeros. (to dilate the time is, for example, open the body canals, the body holes)

meter el dedo en la grieta (to put the finger inside the crack)

hurgar en la entraña. (to rummage through the entrails)

el tiempo presente es la entraña (the present time is the entrails, the entrails are the now-ness)

es lo único que me diferenciará de cuando esté muerta. (it is the only thing that will make the diference between me now and me when i will be dead. Muerta, in spanish. My stomach feels quite diferent if i say ¡muerta! or if i say dead!)

las vísceras palpitantes (the  throbbing beating entrails)

el ruido de los jugos (the noise of the body juices)

y de los tubos dilatándose (and the noise of the body canals being dilated by me and by themselves)

dilatar y penetrar (to dilate and to penetrate)

dilatadora del tiempo (time dilater woman)

¿Qué quieres ser de mayor? (What do you want to be when you grow up?)

Dilatadora del tiempo. (I want to be a time dilator woman)

También intentora desesperada de estadora, permanecedora. Alto nivel de intento de estar, de permanecer, de estar con todas mis fuerzas, centrífugas y centrípetas. Estar con toda mi convexidad y toda mi concavidad, en singular y en plural. Poderes de expansión. Dejar pasar el aire por los sobacos. Ventilar los dentros. (I am also a desesperate attempter of beier and stayer. A high level of staying attempt, of remainning, of being staying with all my strengths, centrifugals and centripetals. To be with all my convexity and all my concavity. Expansion powers. To let the air cross through the armpits. To ventilate the inside.)

También cantante y bailarina. (Also a singer woman and a ballerina)

También no se lo que hago. (Also i don´t know what i do.make.)

Pero empiezo a saber que lo hago irremediablemente (But i am beggining to understand that i do,make it inevitably)

Sin remedio (Without remedy)

Irremediablemente. (Ir-remed-iably) (Inevitably).