Gérald Kurdian

Gérald Kurdian, that likes defining himself as a performer without a definite function, produces since he left fine arts, shows lo-fi articulated around ordinary actions (talking, walking, jumping), micro dances (mambo, tango, jerk) and love songs.
Atypical and mysterious artist, Gérald Kurdian was until now rather known for his home made disks and his concerts produced under the name of This is the hello monster!
Recitals of folk music, improvisations, hoaxes, Gérald Kurdian seems to play music as some play poker and that works (!). Written in his bedroom, his love songs are composed with synthesizers and instruments of fortune straight ahead gone out of his childhood.
They travel afterwards from a medium to an other, a bit to the way of a conceptual counterpoint.

In parallel with this practice of shy songwriter, Gérald Kurdian turns to the contemporary dance forming part of the EX.E.R.CE program under the direction of Mathilde Monnier and Xavier Le Roy (2007). Since then, he collaborated with Estzer Salamon, Mette Ingvartsen, Xavier the Roy, Thiago Guedes, etc. in France and abroad.
Rich of this registration, in the musical domain as in the contemporary dance one, he develops today a work of musical performances (Royal Gala (2006), 1999 (2009)) shown in various places such as the festival of the Innaccoutumés 09, La Villette, le Circular Festival (Oporto), le Plateau Frac-idf, the Choreographic Center of Montpellier, the Center Clark (Montreal) or the Sommer Bar du Tanz im August 07 Festival (Berlin).

On the other side, he follows his sounds investigations within the frame of documentary radio projects with the Workshop of Radio Creation of France Culture (Je suis putain (2006); 6 mois, 1 lieu et le comportement de l'ensemble (2009) or in the context of dance festivals (Archive Now (2010))

He's currently working on the writing of 18 songs (ou comment, de joie, le phoenix ému s'éteint or how, of joy, the moved phoenix switches off), a choral show about the ways of representation of the passion in cinema and celebrates in April 2010 the release of the first eponymous album of This is the hello monster! (An avant-pop solo band).