David Espinosa

David Espinosa (Elche, 1976), has a degree in Textual Performance from E.S.A.D., Valencia. He studied contemporary dance, improvisation, CI and Capoeira in Valencia, Brussels and Barcelona. As an actor, he has worked in  De los Condenados, directed by Sergi Fäustino, El enemigo de la clase, directed by Paul Weibel, and Joan el cendrós, by Carles Alberola, among others.  He has performed in various dance companies: Mal Pelo, Las Malqueridas, Osmosis cie. (France), Lapsus-Alexis Eupierre and Sònia Gómez/General Elèctrica. At the same time, he was also working with other artists to create and organise various improvisation projects and pieces (La Pajarera, Enterrats en viu, A trizas féliz, De pan y cebolla, Obertura, Me debes un beso and the dance film La ventana). In 2006, he founded the association El Local Espacio de Creación with África Navarro, and from there, they created the works Desaladas Club, Agonias de lo imposible and Propiedad Privada. He is part of the cultural association Bipol•art, works with the organisation of the Festival d'Art al Carrer de l'Hospitalet and directs the Creadors en Residència project at the Centre Cultural la Bòbila.