Cía. Lucier/Marco Regueiro-Geni Iglesias

Marco Regueiro (Sol Picó, Mark Tompkins, Pep Ramis) and Geni Iglesias (Matarile Teatro, Isabel Coixet) created the company Lucier in 2004, and in 2005 premiered their piece Vol.Num., a transversal reading of Peter Handke's Kasper (1968). With this work, they brought together their respective fields, text and movement as an articulator of time and space, and started to base their company on the resonance of the performance imaginary and the fear, exhibitionism and savoir-fair of the performer in the face of the audience. They are currently immersed in their next production, Gloria caduca, which will premiere in May 2007 at La Casa Encendida (Madrid).