Caterina Sagna

 Caterina Sagna made her debut as a performer in the Compagnia Sutki in Turin, directed by Anna Sagna. In 1980 she entered the Carolyn Carlson's company at the Teatro La Fenice in Venice, and performed in many productions by Jorma Uotinen. In 1987 she founded the Compagnia Nadir, and commenced a cycle of literary-based choreographies, among which Les bonnes by Jean Genet for the show Lemercier in 1988, La voix humaine by Jean Cocteau (1989), Lenz by Buchner, Quaderni in ottavo by Franz Kafka (1991), the writings of Corrado Bertoni for Le sommeil des malfaiteurs (1992), the Duino Elegies by Rainer Maria Rilke for Le passé est encore à venir (1993), and the maxims of Paul Valéry for La migration des sens (1995). The only exception in this period is Isoi (1994), a work about resemblance, with her sister Carlotta Sagna. This first phase of her work, marked by an introspective and visionary research, came to an end in 1999 with a trilogy made up of the two solos Cassandra (based on Christa Wolf's text) and Esercizi Spirituali (from Ignazio de Loyola, interpreted by the choreographer herself) and of the duo La testimone, created with her sister Carlotta Sagna, on original writings by Lluisa Cunillé. In 2000 Caterina Sagna founded the Associazione Compagnia Caterina Sagna in Italy. With the creation of La Signora (2000), another period begins which is characterized by irony and humour, displaying fresh aspects of her inspiration. The following work was Transgedy, a solo created for Alessandro Bernardeschi at the Festival d'Avignon (Vif du sujet) in 2001. In the same year she began the partnership with Roberto Fratini Serafide, the author of texts and dramaturgy for Sorelline (inspired by Louisa May Alcott's Little Women), Relazione Pubblica, created in partnership with Carlotta Sagna (2002) and Heil Tanz (2004). In June 2002, Caterina Sagna received the prize Nouveau Talent Chorégraphique from the SACD. In 2005 she transferred the company to Rennes (France), where Basso Ostinato is being performed for the first time on November 7th 2006, for the festival Mettre en scène of the  TNB (Théatre National de Bretagne).