Blanca Calvo

(Madrid, 1963)
Artistic director, choreographer and performer, her activity is linked with two cities, Madrid and San Sebastian, where she articulated various projects.In Madrid sh founded with La Ribot the Dance Company Bocanada (1986 -1989), pioneer and awarded in different cities. At the same time she co-directed Desviaciones (1997-2001) with La Ribot and Jose A. Sanchez, international cycle of dance and performance art, with a program of performances, lectures and meetings with artists, and that led to the publication of two books: desviaciones and Cuerpos sobre blanco. In San Sebastian she works in collaboration with the artist Ion Munduate, with which presented the performances: MMMM (1995), Sangre Grande (1997), Boj de largo (flyball) (2000), ASTRA TOUR (2004) and BAT, Beautiful Animals Trying (2006). Blanca and Ion conceived in 1998 the project  Mugatxoan who focuses in emerging practices and projects between dance and visual arts. The main axes are: workshops, presentations and residences, and they are produced in collaboration with Arteleku, San Sebastian, the Fundacao de Serralves, Porto, and La Laboral Escena, Gijón. She collaborates besides as a tutor, assistant arts editor and assistant video in several pieces by young artists.