Antoni Karwowski

He born in 1948. Studied Fine Arts in University in Torun (Poland). His art activities are: performance art, installations.  In 1978 founded the A group which organized a lot of art actions and exhibitions. From 1980 - 1981 Cooperated as artist with Open Theatre Centre Kalambur in Wroclaw (Poland). From 1981 - 1986 Organized and kept Centre of Art in Swinoujscie (Poland). From 1992 - 1994 Co-organizer international project Gaia the four elements. From 1995 - 1999 Originator International Performance festival Trawnik (Poland – Germany).  2000 - 2001 Organizer international project Art migration  (Poland – Germany). From 2002 - 2005 Co-organizer international performance project Private impact. 2005 - 2011 Co-organizer and Curator international Performance & Intermedia festival – Szczecin (Poland) Since 2005 - 2011 curator  international video art festival PI five  and  video art review on  Europian Film Festival dokumentART   
As artist he participates in several editions of Forum Ost-West in Germany and many other international art projects. Selection: Selfportrait  -  Santa Fe, Rosario (Argentina), Naples (Italy); Bridge between West and East (Belgium, Germany, Netherlands); Four elements - earth  – Gerlesborg (Sweden); Waiting – Ärhus (Danmark); Distance 777 – Köln (Germany); Salz arm – Berlin; Coincidence – Köln (Germany) ; Kophar surreal – Berlin: Raumtrieb 2001 – Berlin; Performance S-pur – Siegburg (Germany); V International Baltic Biennial– Szczecin (Poland); Performance Art Platform - Tel – Aviv; Galerie Automatique – Berlin, Szczecin, Strasbourg; Men only – Berlin. NEWS - the Baltic Biennial of Contemporary Art – Szczecin, Riga, Visby; SYBARIS – Baltic Contemporary Art Biennial – Szczecin; Blauverschiebung – Leipzig (Germany); Interakcje – Poland.