Anton Skrzypiciel

(1960, Australia)
Studied at the Melbourne State College-Bachelor of Education Majoring in Drama and English studying under Lindy Davies, at the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art, London, and at the Laban Centre for Movement and Dance, London
He worked with Geographical Duvet, Aleeta Collins, Lea Anderson, and Lloyd Newson in London; with Adventures in Motion Pictures/Matthew Bourne,London,Angelika Oei, Holland and Ballet Ensemble Landestheatre Linz/Robert Poole,Austria (among others). The Longest and most notable collaboration was with Rui Horta as a member of SOAP Dance Theatre Frankfurt and then as a solo performer in Rui Horta Company. Has also been assistant to Mr Horta on various productions and has restaged his work on other European companies. The Last Production he participated in was ESPECIALNADA/NOTHING SPECIAL with Joao Garcia Miguel, Portugal. When not performing Anton takes time to work as a diving instructor in various locations in the Asia Pacific region.