Andrés Corchero

Dancer, choreographer and light designer, since 1963 living and working in Barcelona.
Between 1980 and 1985 he studied theater, mime, circus and conducted training courses with Odin Teatret and Shushaku and Dormu Dance among others. He also participated as an actor in several theater plays and circus performances.
In 1985 Corchero got to know the Japanese dance called Butoh and in 1986 he traveled to Tokyo to study with Min Tanaka and Ohno Kazuoh recognized teacher and Butoh dancers. 
At the end of 1986 he joined the Mai-Juku, the dance company directed by Min Tanaka, with those he danced around the world.
Since 1989 he has combined his own creations with dance performances in open spaces, both solo and in collaboration with poets, visual artists, musicians and choreographers. At the same time he has continued developing the work made at Min Tanaka's Body Weather Laboratory teaching dance classes regularly. 
At 1993 he created a dance company with the dancer and choreographer Rosa Muñoz. At 2005 the company takes its current name of Raravis.
He was part of the initiative IBA with Agusti Fernandez and Joan Saura Villavecchia Liba with whom he developed an important work of disseminating and gathering music and dance improvisation.
He currently combines his work as artistic director and performer of the Raravis company with teaching at the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona (Theater Institute of Barcelona)
Awarded with the FAD-Sebastia Guash Award 2001 for the show A modo de esperanza (as hope like), with Agustí Fernández.
National Dance Prize 2003 awarded by the Department of Culture of the Generalitat de Catalunya, for his play El Bufó sota la Tempesta (The Jack over the Storm), and for his proffesional carreer.