Amalia Fernández

Dancer-performer, founding member of the company El Bailadero/Mónica Valenciano with whom she worked as performer and director's assistant in 6 works, between 1994 and 2005.
After this collaboration she follows her professional trajectory in an independent way, with the pieces: Matrioshka (2005), Maya (2006), Sichimi Togarashi with Juan Domínguez (2007), Las Perras in collaboration with Lidia G. Zoilo and Vicente Arlandis (2008) and Kratimosha with Catherine Sardella (2009). She keeps occasionally collaborating as performer in works of other artists: Odd Enginears, Gary Stevens, Karin Elmore etc.
She currently works in the collective project tu cuerpo, el mío about woman and immigration.
She is a member of the artists' group El Club.
She has been teaching since 1996.