Aimar Pérez Galí

Aimar Pérez Galí graduated on 2006 by Modern Theater Dance program of the Theaterschool of Amsterdam(AHK). He has worked with Camut Band, Palindrome IMPG, Peter Greenaway, Min Tanaka, Katrina Brown, Andrea Bozic, Pere Faura, Martin Butler, Nora Heilmann, David Zambrano and Nicole Beutler among others. Since then he has been granted with a scholarhip at the Steirischer Herbst (Graz) and has been selected as well to follow the DanceWEB scholarship program 2007 in Vienna. He is a member of the artists' collective Magpie Music Dance Company.
Currently he combines collaborating and dancing for other makers and developing his own work based on the practice of pedagogy, research and performance.