ruidos de fondo

autumn 05

Dance is not just the one thing, and it is becoming less and less what its name initially suggests.  The idea of CYCLES arose as the best way to publish the thoughts, processes and actions of guest choreographers and non-choreographers from a carefully considered point of view.   

The Ruidos de fondo (background noises) cycle focuses on words, and the idea that text is an undercurrent which is always present, but not necessarily directly visible in stage works.  These textual bodies that go hand in hand with the ideas of the artists sometimes become the code and nucleus of the work presented publicly, but at other times they remain as a parallel element that feeds and detaches itself from the visible work.


Encounters and games with the written signs of:

La Porta has invited three choreographers to an informal space where they can show and share with audiences material that is indirectly related to the discourse visible in their stage works (texts, drawings, images, influences...). The idea is to reveal and publish non-visible thought - the textual body in the background of their creative processes - and to set up parallels and points of contact between artistic dance and other languages.

Sergi Fäustino, A conversation about the El Cremaster de los cojones

Saturday October 22
La Poderosa

Natalia Espinet, Situacions i paraules a reinterpretation by Eduard Escoffet

Tuesday October 25
La Poderosa

Mónica Valenciano, Diarios de una estación

Friday October 28
La Poderosa

 Presentation of works by:

Laurent Goldring, Expo nº 43 (video installation)

Germana Civera / Laurent Goldring, Figures (sculpture-conference)

Thursday October 27
Sala Beckett

Juan Domínguez, Todos los buenos espías tienen mi edad

Saturday October 29 / Sunday October 30
Sala Beckett