LP'07-festival de dansa... o no

With: Juan Domínguez/Amalia Fernández, Idoia Zabaleta/Filipa Francisco, Superamas, Neokinok.tv, Carmelo Salazar, Elena Albert, Sònia Gómez, Nilo Gallego, Martine Pisani, Montse Colomé, D.D. Dorvillier, Cía. Lucier/Marco Regueiro-Geni Iglesias, Eva Meyer-Keller, Zumo Natural, Kris Verdonck, Carme Torrent, Cie. Greffe/Cindy Van Acker, Mónica Valenciano, *Melk Prod./Marco Berrettini, Isabel de Naverán, Paz Rojo/Cristian Duarte, Jaime Conde-Salazar, Sergi Fäustino, Vera Mantero and guests, Esther Ferrer, Paula Caspão, Carles Santos

Dance is not one single thing, and it is becoming less and less what its name seems to suggest. For this first edition of the LP festival, we've decided to place ourselves around a series of artists working today and present their current works, including stage productions, installations, actions and contextual activities. 

LP'07 – festival de danza... o no acts as an antifreeze on the minds of those who watch - it's a driving force for new criteria and spaces that are sensitive to the individual and the collective. LP'07 offers a way of looking at the evolution of dance as a vehicle for perception and understanding. Through movement, it searches for the best way to publish the reflections, processes and actions of guest artists.

LP'07 delves into the disappearance of limits or, more inclusively, it explores the diversity and plurality of these limits and the gaps that remain between them, allowing them to keep in motion and constant reformulation, disquieting us through pleasure and distortion. 

In their diversity, the works presented in LP'07 share an attitude that actively questions established formats.  They connect with the ideas of process and trajectory, more than with the concept of a finished or closed product. 

They also share a spirit that claims the right to fantasy – acting directly on the imagination through words, gestures and actions – as an active form of constructing other 'possibles', revealing the invisible, and evoke other ways of looking and exhibiting. 

The body as a presence, as breath, opens up to a network of questions and possibilities.  New ways of existing and constructing oneself, which transgress the limit between the imaginary and the real:  a danger zone that is marginal, ephemeral and vulnerable.

LP'07 – festival de danza... o no is organised by La Porta, an artists collective formed in 1992 to generate activities and contexts for the creation, reflection and investigation of performance activities that deal with the body and movement.   Works, artists and experiences that are changing the way the body and dance are presented and represented. 



9 March CCCB
 21h - Opening documentation area + Neokinok.tv / LP-TV
 21h - Eva Meyer-Keller / Death Is Certain (video version)
 22h - Martine Pisani / Slow Down

10 March CCCB
 20h - Sònia Gómez / Experiencias con un desconocido (lecture-performance)
 22h - Martine Pisani / Slow Down

11 March CCCB
 20:30h - Eva Meyer-Keller / Death Is Certain (video version)
 21h - *Melk Prod, Marco Berrettini / Freeze – Défreeze
12 March CCCB
 19h - Meeting with Isabel de Naverán, Jaime Conde-Salazar and Paula Caspão (debate)
 21h - Idoia Zabaleta y Filipa Francisco / Dueto (fragment)

13 and14 March CCCB
 20h – Nits salvatges / collective with  10 artists

15 March Mercat de les Flors
 20h - Superamas / High Art (installation)
 21h - Vera Mantero and Guests / Until the moment when God is destroyed by the extreme  exercise of beauty
16 March Mercat de les Flors
 19h - Superamas / High Art (installation)
 20h - Juan Domínguez and Amalia Fernández / Shichimi Togarashi
 22h - Paz Rojo and Cristian Duarte / Basic Dance
17 March Mercat de les Flors        
 20h - Superamas / [High Art (installation)
 20h - Kris Verdonck / Rain (installation)
 21h - Juan Domínguez and Amalia Fernández / Shichimi Togarashi

18 March Mercat de les Flors     
 19h - Superamas / High Art (installation)
 19h - Kris Verdonck / Rain (installation)
 19h - Kris Verdonck / Patent Human Energy (installation-performance)
 20h - Cindy Van Acker / Balk 00:49
19 to the 24 March La Poderosa
from 15 to 20h
- Elena Albert / Notas para Side inserts in a common surface (video-installation)
- Carmelo Salazar / Sonido (video-installation)

20 de marzo La Poderosa
 21h - Kris Verdonck / Meeting-lecture + Dancer #1(meeting + performance)

21 March La Caldera     
 21h - Elena Albert / Distribución
          Sergi Fäustino / Yo no puedo decir que todos los mirlos son negros. Porque un día vi mirlos blancos

23 and 24 March Mercat de les Flors        
 20h - Zumo Natural / Animal, vegetal y mineral (intervention-installation)
 21h - Superamas / BIG 3rd episode
 22:30h  - Sònia Gómez / Experiencias con un desconocido (action)
 22:30h  - Neokinok.tv / LP-TV

9 to 14 CCCB  / 19 to 24 La Poderosa
- Documentación e instalaciones


CCCB, La Poderosa and La Caldera: free admission (limited seating). Booking: admin@laportabcn.com / 678021418 (you should get the tickets at least 20 minutes before each show)

Mercat de les Flors: 10€ at the door / 8€ in advance. Tickets sold at the ticket office at Palau de la Virreina and Caixa Catalunya's Tel-Entrada and offices.

Barcelona, from the 9th to the 24th of March 2007

At the Mercat de les Flors, CCCB, La Poderosa and La Caldera