espacio cómodo 3 con El Hueco (Gran Canaria)

The espacios cómodos  (Comfortable spaces) are a new project with which La Porta intended to connect and make visible the work of artists and support structures to develop their work creation, both nationally and internationally.
These spaces can crystallize in: creative residences in connection with other structures, micro production's aids, coaching creative processes, laboratories for research, mobility's assistances, moments of encounter with the audience's gaze, … For the realization of these spaces we are establishing collaborations with other structures in our city. We believe it is important to create projects that allow us to network and generate effective spaces that meet the basic needs of each proposal.

-La Porta-

espacios cómodos '05:

1. Residence for  Lengua Blanca for the creation of Dibujos, Vestidos y Juguetes. This residence was made with the collaboration of La Caldera de Barcelona and La Inesperada de Madrid.

2. Residence for Carmelo Salazar for the creation of Espaciales II in collaboration with the structure Espaço do Tempo from Montemor, Portugal.

3. Presentation of El Hueco/Gran Canaria. Space of residence, reseach and presentation of local and international artists. In paralel of the piece La lluvia horizontal del Ojo de la Faraona, at La Poderosa of Barcelona.

4. Project to concrete in collaboration with an international structure with a residence at el El Hueco de Gran Canaria.


cía. el Ojo de la faraona
La lluvia horizontal

charla sobre El Hueco (Gran Canaria)

July 1 and 2 at 21:30 h
La Poderosa